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And Jimmy Camp Creek Park
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Rainbow at CB
Jimmy Camp Vista
View from top
Cascade Ave Winter
Colorado Four O'clocks
Windswept Hollow
Yellow Prickly Pear Cactus
Corral Bluffs Approaching Storm
Corral Bluffs Winter
Corral Bluffs Hiker
Corral Bluffs

About Us

Corral Bluffs Alliance (CoBA) is the friends group that supports  Corral Bluffs Open Space and Jimmy Camp Creek Park. 


       CoBA is an alliance of concerned citizens formed with the focus of protecting the Corral Bluffs area.  Corral Bluffs is a unique, rugged, and beautiful landform on the eastside entryway to the City of Colorado Springs along both the north and south sides of U.S. Highway 94. The slightly higher elevation of Corral Bluffs from the surrounding plains gives it, from a geographic perspective, a foothills type environment even though it is about 15 miles from the Rocky Mountain foothills.Corral Bluffs Alliance was formed in December 2007 when a large group of open space advocates, residents, paleontologists, archaeologists, botanists, historians, politicians, teachers and concerned citizens banded together to oppose El Paso County Parks Department placing a contract on a large portion of Corral Bluffs with the intention of creating an OHV park. 

       Between December 2007 and May 1, 2008 many meetings were held and attended by CoBA and the El Paso County Parks Department. On May 1, 2008 at the Board of County Commissioner's meeting, County Park Director, Tim Wolken, made the following recommendation:

     "As indicated in the environmental studies conducted on this site, the Case property contains a variety of natural resources that are both sensitive and unique. El Paso County has a long history of preserving our county's 'special places' that contain unique natural environments. Staff is concerned that the cultural and natural resources found in the Corral Bluffs area may be jeopardized with the installation of an OHV trail system. In addition, the wildlife and noise ordinance issues will restrict the ability to design an effective trail system. With this in mind, staff recommends that we discontinue the assessment process of an OHV trail system at this site."

     A sincere thank you to the many, many people who helped to save Corral Bluffs from that threat.

     CoBA became a non-profit corporation and its board continues to meet regularly to preserve Corral Bluffs. We have begun the visioning process for a regional park and maintain a mailing list to keep our supporters informed of the latest developments.

Where are we
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Where is Corral Bluffs Open Space?

Corral Bluffs and Jimmy Camp Creek Park are hidden gems located on the eastern edge of the City of Colorado Springs, in between Highways 24 and 94. At Corral Bluffs the visitor will see 400 foot cliffs, arroyos, meadows, and rugged terrain. Jimmy Camp Creek Park consists of rolling hills, lofty rock outcrops, and clear running springs. These two locations provide 1,300 acres of habitat for birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and unique plant life, as well as preserving history from 66 million years ago to the present.

Please click on "More" at the top of the page and then "Take A Hike" for information on joining us for a guided hike.

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