Corral Bluffs and Jimmy Camp are open only for guided hikes at this time.

**Following COVID restrictions, guided hikes have resumed on a limited basis, with groups of up to nine people. Contact us below if you are interested in a hike.


Visit this unique area 10 minutes east of Colorado Springs. Enjoy the geology, wildflowers, prairie birds, pronghorns and deer. Our hike leaders have spent months getting to know this special spot to provide you an unforgettable hiking experience. To schedule a guided hike fill out the form below.

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Upcoming Hikes


Please fill out the form on the right with the date you are requesting for your hike. We will contact you to confirm your request and to provide you with further information. We're looking forward to sharing this fascinating spot with you!


INFO for all of our regular hikes
  • Guided hikes to Corral Bluffs are offered the first Saturday of the month if enough people have signed up. Please use the form on the right to request a hike. Make sure to include the date you want.

  • Inclement weather make up days will be the following Saturday.

  • Other dates for groups by arrangement

  • Jimmy Camp hikes are by arrangement only.

  • Also, see our Facebook page for additional hikes. On the Corral Bluffs facebook page click on "more" on the menu bar, go to "events."

  • Suggested donation of $5 per hiker

Sign up for a hike
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All hikes meet at Loaf N Jug: 6857 Space Village Ave., (at Peterson Road and Highways 24 and 94). 

Essential Info for Hikers

  1. Make a reservation using the form to the right

  2. Hiking waivers: see pdf to the right of this box. Please print, fill out, and return when you arrive for your hike.

  3. Download the pdf on the right for detailed info about meeting place and hike MUST READ!

  4. All hikers MUST wear long pants and closed-toe sturdy shoes

  5. Bring plenty of water

  6. Bring a snack

  7. Dress for the weather

Download and print hiking waivers here

Hike and meeting place info.

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